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Activities and areas of activity


Hydrogeology - researches

Protection of water resources - water protection areas - expert groundwork

Geology - research

Geotechnics and geomechanics

Boreholes, wells, piezometer - design and executionWell logging - measurements in boreholes

Water permit - a professional basis for obtaining

Concession documentation - acquisition

Groundwater monitoring

Mathematical models - contamination of groundwater flow

Dumps - landfill sites

Report on the impact on the the enviroment - RIE

Revision of the project RIE

Risk assesement

Minimal hydrogeological report - Implementation

Enviromental monitoring program

Risk assessment and analysis of groundwater

Geological reports and expert opinion

Design and execution of research

Mining projects - execution 


Business partners



BOODE Holland


GTC Kappelmeyer, Karlsruhe, Germany

Pancera, Italy